Old About

The Inland region is  an up-and-coming electorate that will rewrite US history –we are young, a non-White majority and have a high percentage of immigrants. Rising rates of voting among youth, communities of color,  immigrants, and other excluded groups will strengthen our communities and restore balance to our democracy. Strong regional voting will bring more state and national resources to the underserved Inland Region. 

We are a partnership of non-profit organizations full of community leaders who actively advocate for policies and systems that put ‘people first’ We engage under-represented and long-ignored communities as voters, stakeholders, and leaders. We believe that by engaging and activating under-represented communities, we can build power to create a just, equitable, and inclusive government and economy in the Inland Region. 


Shared Power: The best policies are grounded in the experiences and needs of the community. A functioning democracy ensures that everyone’s voice and perspective is included in decisions that impact our lives.

Equity:  Every person has value and should have opportunities to access the things that create a strong quality of life, including good jobs, healthcare, and a healthy environment.

Justice: Achieving racial justice requires recognition and reconciliation of past injustices and that policies and systems are inclusive, providing every person the opportunity to envision and achieve a better future.